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Popping Mango BOBA Small Pack - 950g

Popping Mango BOBA Small Pack - 950g

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Unleash the tropical sunshine in every sip with our Popping Mango BOBA Small Pack (950g). Perfect for small businesses looking to add an exotic twist to their menu—ideal for waffle shops and more. Also great for creating mango-infused treats at home, making it a delightful addition to birthdays, office parties, or cozy evenings.

1 or 8. we got you covered!

Mango BOBA Burst (950g)

Dive into a tropical escape with every sip. Perfect for waffle shops and cozy evenings, this mango burst is your ticket to an exotic flavor journey. Elevate your menu and infuse birthdays and office parties with a touch of mango.

Mango Boba 950g

Passion fruit (maracuja) Boba

Passionfruit BOBA World (950g)

Indulge in berrylicious explosions. Versatile for small businesses, it's a sweet sensation for ice cream treats. From birthdays to office breaks, add this strawberry bliss to gatherings and elevate your dessert game.

Passion Fruit 950g

Strawberry Boba

Strawberry BOBA Bliss (950g)

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Strawberry 950g

Available now

Lychee BOBA Journey (950g)

Embark on a Far East flavor adventure with Lychee BOBA Journey. Versatile for small businesses and festive celebrations, this lychee-infused pack transforms bubble tea, ice cream, or cocktails into a
symphony of taste.

Lychee 1x950g or 8x950g

Peachy elegance

Peach BOBA Delight (950g)

Delight in orchard-fresh goodness with Peach BOBA Delight. A game changer for catering events, it's perfect for birthdays, weddings, and corporate treats that demand a touch of fruity elegance.

Peachy Elegance in 950g

Explore Our Berry bobas

Blueberry BOBA Burst (950g)

Elevate your bubble tea experience with Blueberry BOBA Burst. Versatile for small businesses and unique treats, this blueberry burst is perfect for birthdays, picnics, or those moments when you need a refreshing break.

Blueberry Boba 950g

Green Apple Boba. No Problem!

Green Apple BOBA Crisp (950g)

Refresh your palate with the crispness of Green Apple BOBA Crisp. A go-to for juice bars and cafes, it's perfect for office parties, picnics, and family gatherings that deserve a touch of zesty freshness.

Green Apple Boba 950g

Cherry Boba

Cherry BOBA Indulgence (950g)

Indulge in the sweet allure of Popping Cherry BOBA Small Pack (950g). Versatile and perfect for small businesses, especially those in the confectionery industry. Elevate desserts, drinks, and ice cream. A delightful addition to birthdays, anniversaries, or casual celebrations.

Cherry Boba 950g


Pomegranate BOBA Burst (950g)

Dive into the antioxidant-rich burst of Pomegranate BOBA Burst. Ideal for small businesses looking to add a healthy and flavorful twist to their offerings. Perfect for individual use or a health-conscious addition to office parties, picnics, and brunches. Experience the burst of health and flavor.

Pomegranate Boba 950g NOW!


Watermelon BOBA Quencher (950g)

Quench your thirst with the juicy burst of Watermelon BOBA Quencher. Versatile and perfect for small businesses, especially those in the beverage and ice cream sectors. Ideal for individual use or a refreshing addition to summer house parties, picnics, and BBQs. Sip into the refreshing wave of watermelon delight.

Watermelon Boba 950g


Dragon Fruit BOBA Awakening (950g)

Awaken your senses with the vibrant allure of Dragon Fruit BOBA Awakening. A must-have for small businesses seeking to captivate customers with visually stunning flavors. Perfect for individual use or a unique addition to birthdays, weddings, and upscale events. Immerse yourself in the world of dragon fruit.

Dragon Fruit Boba 950g

Crafted for both individuals and businesses

Our Popping Boba Small Packs (950g) are your go-to for a burst of creativity. Elevate your drinks and desserts effortlessly. Add to cart now and make every moment pop!

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