• 1. Mango Ice Tea

  • 2. White Peach Ice Tea

  • 3. Passion Fruit Ice Tea

  • 4. Summer Lemonade

  • 5. Peachy Iced Tea

  • 6. Brown Sugar Latte

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Boba Bliss at BoboQ.

Explore a world of delightful concoctions, from classic pearls to exotic fusions. Customize your bubble tea experience with our diverse offerings.


An's Asian Street Food Feast

Embark on a culinary journey through Asia. Our delectable street food delights promise an authentic and satisfying experience.


Chill Out with Frozen Yogurt

Beat the heat with our Frozen Yogurt drinks. Creamy yogurts blended with fruity purees – the perfect frozen indulgence.


Mouthwatering Main Dishes.

Dive into a world of savory delights. Our main dishes, enriched with the finest ingredients, promise a feast for your senses.